Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Network Master or Network Notwork

Are you a Social Networking Master? Are you up to date with technology? Is your hard drive a TB? Do you have high speed internet? Is your phone smart? Do you have Face-book, Twitter, Myspace, Blogger, Tumbler, Twit-pic, and countless other accounts? Do you use apps to manage all your networks? Do you use apps to manage your apps? Is Palringo, Shozu, or tweetdeck shortcuts on your desktop? Then you are a Network Master!

Is Tweetdeck, Shozu, and Palringo foreign words to you? When you here the word app do you think you misheard nap? Twit-pic is a picture of the kids, Tumbler is a dryer setting, Blogger is something clogging a pipe, Myspace is your parking spot, Twitter is that damn bird in the tree, and Face-book is a photo album to you? Your phone only calls. You use dial up. Your hard drive is ma x'd out at 2GB. Technology to you is fuel injection. Then you are defiantly are Network Notwork!

Next topic- how to follow good wake-sleep cycles while managing your networks!

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