Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sleep-Wake 101-

One more! Just a minute! Ill be right there! I'm almost done! Just a few of the most commonly used phrases when the Social Networker is asked to come to bed, watch a movie or just get off that damn computer! I find it easier to deal with whining employees, grouchy customers and nagging creditors than it is to leave my followers, not update something, or what, Shut Down? Are you fucking crazy, do you know how long it can take to re-boot? But wait a minute. I have a smart phone! Rebooting is not so bad now. I have an app for every Social Network imaginable! I'll use the hand held! Turn the brightness down if you have to go to bed. I can scroll through my networks and not be noticed during the movie. Get off the computer? No problem. Ill go clean the garage with my smart phone! Pretty much the only time I (we for that matter! If your still reading.... he-he) really cant disguise or appear not to be on-line is at the dinner table! Now we pretty much covered all the basis on how we stay connected no matter where we are, or what were doing. With that kind of connection power and the ability to stay connected almost anywhere, We now have to conquer Fatigue. Coffee only goes so far. We build up a tolerance to No-Doze, Up-Time, and any other over the counter medications. Tapping into our children's adder all prescription's is out of the question. Amphetamines is dangerous, so they say.... or is having 144 continues hours to..... don't even think about it! To sum Sleep-wake up, or Social Networking has interfered with our biological schedules.

Next Topic- A simple twelve step program to better manage Sleep Wake periods

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